Reaching from internet, a DSLR behind a MT300N


I have some problems configuring my GL-MT300N-V2. I really hope you can help me, as I assume it is a usual kind of configuration.
I would like to be able to control over Internet, a DSLR camera and an IP-Relay which are connected behind this router.

  • The camera has an Internal HTTP server
  • The Relay Is configurable in TCP

What I can do:
Behind the router, I can connect Internet and FTP without any problem (With a laptop connected in lan to the router)

What I cannot do
From Internet, there is no sign of life of the router at all. If I type the LTE public IP in Chrome, the page stays blank (I suppose the firewall stops everything)
Even if something was appearing on this page, I don’t understand how to route the trafic to be able to reach one or the other device.

Can you help me ?


     |   \
     |    User
[USB Huawei E3372H modem]
  -> LTE Public IP
  -> Internal IP
      |       |
      |       |______________
      |                      |
      |                      |
   [RELAY]                 [DSLR]   

You might need to configure port forward. Firewall - GL.iNet Docs

You either need to enable port forwarding or a VPN server.

Depending on how secure the DSLR and IP relay are (many of these aren’t really designed for exposure to the outside Internet), a VPN might be a better solution so that the devices aren’t accessed externally by anyone but yourself.