Realtime graphs all empty, no data on new BL1300

I am setting up B1300 for the first time so far everything looks okay however all of my Reatime graphs are empty for everything (Load, Traffic, Wireless, Connections)

For example:

1 Minute Load: 0

Inbound: 0 kbit/s (0 kB/s)

Signal: 0 dBm

TCP: 0

This is using a new device with the factory image:

Powered by LuCI allpkg branch (git-18.315.33550-0179119) / OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 r48067

Current Version

Compile Time
2020-12-07 15:24:12

Last Update

Is there a monitoring service or something I need to do to enable this data?

Thank you.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware here: GL.iNet download center

Same problem, no data in the graphs, they are all empty, should this work or am I missing something?