Rebooting loop Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

I just got the Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) yesterday and I have been testing the unit for the last 24h (Version: 4.1.2). My unit has a problem with rebooting loops, tested both working as normal AP or as a repeater. I restored factory defaults and the issue is still there. I restored the beta 4.1.2 using the unbrick procedure and same issue.

The general behaviour is a reboot approx every t s, depending t on the config.

A few times it is able to boot correctly and I have been able to play a bit with the device and change the log path to a file in an external usb drive.
I have 2 example log files. (44.5 KB)

Could be some overheating issues - Is the cpu triggered to ON? how the CPU/Ram usage?

it does not seem so.

What version are you using for testing? I am using Version: 4.1.2

Hmm…I am running firmware 4.1.2 release 4 and it works well. (system temperature is around 60 ℃ )
Any special plug-in running on it ?

It happens even after restoring to factory defaults or burning a new firmware (with the uboot debrick). If other people are not having issues I will start to think a hardware problem.

I am using Version: 4.1.2, Date Compiled: 2022-12-05 08:17:00 (UTC+00:00), SHA256: 48731a8e819d68cb…

Are you getting the following line in the system log?

Tue Dec 20 12:51:18 2022 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/ grep: /etc/wireless/mediatek/mt7981.dbdc.b0.dat;/etc/wireless/mediatek/mt7981.dbdc.b1.dat: No such file or directory

Sounds like a hardware problem - im also using 4.1.2 all stock settings. no reboots.

Try plugging it in different power outlet? maybe power is tripping in that outlet?

tested with the original charger, different generic usb-c PD chargers like Baseus, UGreen, Orico, … and usb-a chargers with 5V/3A, monitoring also the charge with usb power meters. Also power banks. And different types of cables.
This was my first guess, but not the issue.

Anyone getting this line?
Can anyone upload a healthy log file?

Sorry, my Syslog was flooded by other repeated warning message, so no “normal” syslog for you.

I think the message is complaining about the 2 Wi-Fi data files are missing.

Can you check the 2 data files are located under the directory “/etc/wireless/mediatek” first ?
( mt7981.dbdc.b0.dat & mt7981.dbdc.b1.dat )

In a healthy boot I have those files

However, as soon as I restart the healthy boot I enter in a loop of restarts.

It seems our files are different in (date, size) ?
Can you check the ‘uname -a’ command to see if we are in the same firmware ?


FWIW, I’ve got the Nov 29 date, so yours may be the oddball, @cafebug.

(also FWIW, I got mine before Nov 29, and the current firmware came out Dec 5, so I have no idea what the Nov 29 date actually represents.

My guess is that race condition during boot causing sometimes a failure because some files are not located. I attach 2 log collections:

fully healthy boot:
logread (27.6 KB)

several attempts with failures and a final sucess:
logread error and healthy (several attempts).zip (42.8 KB)

Probably compiled 29 Nov and released 5 Dec. They usually have a few days/1 week delay for stability checks.

I think they are not fully consistent with versioning for beta releases during the beta testing, that is why we have the 26Oct and 29Nov for 4.1.2. That is why it makes sense to add the md5/sha256.

Compile time shows as 12/5 though, not release time.

I get


Did you modify the /etc/wireless/meditak/ files?

No. I’m assuming the ones with the timestamps of basically now are auto updated by the OS.

Well, I don’t touch any Mediatek file.

Could you get some tools like PL2303 to get the sys log during startup(need to open the case )?

I changed the log file to the external usb drive.
The log files attached above contain the logs with reboot attempts and a few successes (I logged to luci in the successes, which is logged).
I think the issue is related to the files described above not being found during the boot process.

What part is missing? Last line before crash?