Recommandation for a long range uplink


I’m managing a couple of Ubiquiti/Unifi based WiFi systems, with30 to 100 AP each.
Sometimes, in specific spots, WiFi coverage is a bit bellow expected levels (-75dB) in rooms where you can’t extend current cabling.

For this, I’m looking for GL iNet devices with the followings specs:

  • powered though a USB-C preferably or a Micro-USB plug,
  • OpenWRT powered
  • at least one very sensitive 2.4 or 5 GHz radio for long range uplink (802.1X)
  • one 5 GHz radio for short range downlink (PSK)
  • if possible, one external antenna plug compliant with devices like [1]
  • one Ethernet LAN port
  • easy to buy online

Which device would you recommend ?

[1] APA05 – ALFA Network Inc.

Best regards

Possibly Creta with ALFA AWUS036ACHM 802.11ac Dual Band High Power Mediatek MT7610U WiFi U – Rokland and ALFA APA-M25-6E Tri-Band Directional 10 dBi Indoor RP-SMA Panel Antenn – Rokland

Note I haven’t tested that dongle for long term stability as a client (STA mode) yet … I recall the MT761x chipset had recent unresolved issues in AP mode.

You may need to configure the uplink w/USB radio in Luci, GLi doesn’t officially support this.

Not the greatest recommendation perhaps, but, it is a recommendation :slight_smile: those antennas work well at 5GHz BTW.