Recommendation for high performance router/WiFi client/bridge with cellular fallback


I am currently a happy GL-Inet Slate owner, and while I LOVE it, I need something more powerful for my business.

The situation is that I am in is that I need to have a high-performance device that will be able to connect to a remote WiFi Network (preferably be able to failover between 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections) and have a high-performance LTE fallback (with the ability to upgrade to a Sierra Wireless EM9190 in the future). I would need to be able to install high gain antennas to ensure that I have a stronger signal (as the WiFi connection signal is relatively weak). I would like to have the router bet able to connect to a remote wireguard server and support over 300MB/sec traffic. I will be connecting this solution to my business’s Ubiquiti enterprise router WAN port. Basically, I need high reliability and high performance. I am located in the US and use Google Fi & T-Mobile for LTE connectivity.

Any suggestions/recommendations/thoughts?


To get high wifi performance and lte failover, you may need to consider X1200. But its wireguard is only around 50Mbps.