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I’m hoping someone can assist me in recovering the factory IMEI for my GL.iNet GL-X3000 Spitz AX router. I was attempting to get the SIM from a mobile hotspot working in the router by cloning the hotspot IMEI and naively assumed a factory reset would restore the Spitz IMEI. As this does not seem to be the case, and I was not able to get the SIM working outside the hotspot, I need to reset the Spitz IMEI so I can use both the Spitz and the hotspot.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried changing the apn settings to get the sim working in the router? As far as the IMEI that is going to be assigned to the modem. Try emailing customer support with the serial number of your router. If they can’t tell you what the IMEI is you may have to open the unit and read it off of the top of the modem.

Have you looked at the following?

Hi Thomasinaz, thanks for your response. I did change the APN to match what is on the hotspot while attempting to get the SIM to work, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to work. I may try again to make sure I didn’t miss something. Opening the case to get the IMEI off the modem didn’t occur to me, so thanks for that suggestion. I may try that first if it’s simple enough to open the case.

Hi KevinD, yes I used that article to change my IMEI. Unfortunately I didn’t record the original IMEI, so I can’t change it back.

Search on Google the following two words: “imei generator”

Do you have the box your router came in? It could be printed on it.

Or maybe on the invoice, near the serial number. Or even on the router itself, on a sticker.

Or on the cellular modem itself, but you’d have to open the router to look – see if it’s there, search for a photo.

Certainly on the bottom of the modem.

Doesn’t look like there was really a good answer for this question so I’m posting this 8 months later. The following command will reset back to the factory IMEI number if it is lost or forgotten.

You can restore the factory settings with:

Don’t use too often because it uses intensively Flash and the module at the end can be destroyed
After you execute AT+QPRTPARA=3, ALL configuration will be erased and overwritten with Factory setting values.

Or just check what’s printed in the module and use EGMR.

Oh sure, tear the router apart to get to the Module. That sounds perfectly reasonable. The solution that I proposed was for those that completely forgot the IMEI number and never wrote it down. If you know the number already then yes, certainly use EGMR but this thread was for someone asking how to get to the factory number if they don’t have it. I’d take the chance of using QPRTPARA if it was the only option I had.

Yes it isn’t the best method :laughing:

One should really be backing up their original IMEI so they can just use EGMR rather than module reset.

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I totally agree with you on that. :+1:t4: