Release Notes/Changelog requested for v. 4.2.3


There’s no Release Notes listed for v. 4.2.3… on the Slate AX firmware download page anyways. Can they please be provided?

Often: download it, import it, and the release notes will show up. You can choose to proceed or not.

I’ve already flashed it. It’s just surprising to not see them listed on the d/l page. I like to keep a copy in my equipment changelogs/wiki for linking if issues arise.

4.2.3 Release Notes

Fixed the problem that after the MT3000 relays the 160M Hz hotspot, the AP becomes 20M.

Fixed the problem that the AX/AXT1800 cannot access the AP itself after relaying the DFS 140 channel.

Fixed the problem that parental control cannot block blacklist websites in newer browsers.

Fixed the externder working mode, the superior cannot ping the subordinate.

Fixed the problem that openvpn port forwarding fails after the reserved configuration is upgraded.

Fix the problem that mqtt cannot report SSID.

Fixed the problem that ddns occasional interface return error.

Fixed The relay cannot connect to Huawei TC7102 160MHz 5GWiFi.

Fix single sim card slot does not return dual sim card slot information.

Fixed the problem that after the adguardhome function is turned on on the A1300 and the adguardhome is turned off, the visitor has no network.

Fixed the problem that Openvpn Server and wireguard Server shut down remote access to the LAN subnet, but the Openvpn and wireguard clients can still access the IP address of the PC on the LAN side of the server.

Fixed the AP bridge mode, the bridge is not successful. The address assigned by the superior cannot be obtained.


Fixed the problem that A1300 cannot recognize USB3.0 external modem.

Fixed the problem of abnormal equipment caused by the time zone or 160M bandwidth issued by the GoodCloud.

Correct the display problem of the LED light in the unconnected network mode.

Fixed the problem of unsuccessful dialing using external modem, QMI and QCM protocol dialing.

Roll back MTK SDK from v7.6.7.0 to v7.6.6.1.