Remote access, multiple 300m routers on single ISP modem

I have two 300m routers connected to my ISP both configured as wireguard servers. I would like to be able to remotely access both routers while traveling in the event I need to reboot the router and/or add clients. Is this possible? I have forwarded port 443 to router 1 and I can remotely access that routers. However, I do not see a means to change the port for secure access so that I could remotely access the other router.

Why do you need two wireguard server in one network?

You have two use another port for your another wireguard server. As long as your ISP allows, you can use other port and the security should be the same.

BTW, you can bind the two routers to your cloud account and have remote access to them via web terminal from firmware 3.201.

I am using the second router as a backup in the event the first one fails. I need to maintain a local IP address while I am traveling.
Both routers work fine with wireguard.
I am just hoping to be able to access their dashboards remotely.