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Sorry in the first place if it was already covered in some existing topic but I was not able to find it anyway.
The question - is it possible to maintain the connection to my home router in another country (let’s say Latvia) to router located in different country (like UK for instance) in such a way that my laptop which connected to router in UK “thought” that its going to internet from Latvian ip address?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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But it needs another answer: can you reach your latvian router from the UK? (Does it have a public IP or is it behind NAT?)


I have no set NAT for router for sure. I do not remember setting any particular IP to router, so I guess it have dynamic ip (not sure if it matters or not).

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Dynamic is fine. CGNAT is the problem.

Do you mean that i should set cgnat on latvian router to make it work?

No, you want to avoid CGNAT, but you have no control over it. You can check if you have it, tho.


Thank you, guess I get it - need to check with my internet provider.

you can find out by yourself.

it depends on what IP your router is getting from the outer network.,,, mean cgnat. (You know how to read cidr notation, right?)

To be honest - I dont. Will try to find out ofc.
Thank you for advise.