Remote Goodcloud access issue after AXT1800 and MT3000 update to 4.4.5

I have performed the remote upgrade of 2 MT2500 units from v4.2.3 to v4.4.5 without any glitch using the SSH interface. I downloaded the FW in tmp directory using wget command of the GL-inet download link for the MT2500 and then performed a sysupgrade -c command (to keep settings) of the fw file.
After reboot, I was able to access the units again (GUI or SSH) and the version displayed in GoodCloud is correct (4.4.5) along with all the stats. note that one runs a wireguard server and the other one a wireguard client.

I have then performed the very same remote upgrade process on 2 other MT3000 this time from v4.4.2 to v4.4.5 using the MT3000 FW file v4.4.5. both run also wireguard client. Now even though the 2 MT3000 appear on-line on GoodCloud with both the GUI or SSH access icons, I cannot access anymore remotely these 2 and stats are blank (all uptime / memory / load avg set to 0…) and the version displayed has not changed. but they do appear online and probably work as I haven’t received complaints …
Same for 2 other AXT1800. I guess they all work thankfully as one of the AXT1800 is accessible on my site.

Any clue ? GoodCloud functionality continuity and reliability are a bit of a gamble after FW upgrades. I even have one MT2500 running v4.4.5 that shows SSID information (MT2500 has no wireless !!! ) in the GoodCloud device list:

Please assist. I’m managing 13 devices in total and it’s worrying.

We have found some issues on the firmware 4.4.5 and removed this version.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

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