Remotely reconnecting

I have purchased the GL.iNet GL-SFT1200 (Opal) Secure Travel WiFi router. I connected to a public network at my grandma’s retirement home, so I could connect her wyze camera to the router. Every 12 hours it kicks me off of the public network. In order to access the public network you have to go to a landing page and hit connect. Is there any way I can remotely connect the router when I’m not local and can’t physically go to her retirement home and connect it? Is there a way to bypass the 12 hour limit on the public network? Please keep in mind I’m a beginner and not technically inclined. Thanks!


no - there is no option to do it remotely, since you will not be able to connect when it’s not connected to the internet. You could ask the retirement home IT staff if they could exclude your router.

I don’t see any other way - also about the fact that you are a beginner.
Depending on how the network of the retirement home works, there might be solutions - but without further knowledge of the network it’s not really possible to get a hint.

I was able to log into their private network yesterday. I was so excited thinking FINALLY our issues will be over!!! I spoke too soon. Woke up this morning to find her wyze camera is one again offline. I go to my good cloud and see the router is offline. What can i do to remedy this issue? :thinking: Its extremely annoying to get everything all setup and then keep getting kicked off. Help!!!

I would deploy some solution like ZeroTier or Tailscale in future.

I’m not familiar with either. Could you explain please?

I don’t see how that’d if the Opal is still being trapped by the captive portal/‘landing page’.

Re: ZT, TS
Doesn’t GoodCloud replicate some of the same functionality of Tailscale? I was under the impression it did for remote managment.


Asking the staff to exclude the Opal’s MAC(s) (GL GUI → Network → MAC Address) from the captive portal platform is the only real option as @admon points out. Your grandmother isn’t a day visitor, after all.

… it sure would be annoying to have to ‘log on’ to a landing page every damn day just for her to be able to stream Spotify, for example. :wink:

Some kind of. But ZeroTier is pretty good at punching wholes into Firewalls, that’s why I would give it a try.