Removing clients from DHCP list

This is the client’s page on the main GL.iNet interface.

How do I remove the circled entries so they don’t appear?

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I can only imaging that it they will disappear when the lease-time expires. DHCP-leases have a limited time. Generally 24h or something like that.

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Now these information is stored in your firmware so they do not disappear. This just make a history record so we stored them. You may need to find out the file and remove manually.

But I do not know which files stores this.

Not sure about on GLI firmware, but on stock OpenWRT the leases by default are stored in /tmp/dhcp.leases.

To clear old entries, restart dnsmasq (which handles DHCP) or if you are 100% sure they are not needed manually remove those entries from the file. Keep in mind if you do a restart, typically the new file will be empty until devices that are still present renew their leases again…

Where can I turn off this “feature” or find the file to delete ?

In client-list there is always missing the first wired client you are connecting from.

At the moment if restarting the old client list is not deleted (->privacy).

Fiat stop this process “gltertf”

Then remove the following two files

And restart your the glterf process or reboot.

Thank you, this deletes the old clients.

I have turned off "gl_tertf " always because it produces unwanted Background Traffic
(ICMP-Calls to Google and Cisco).

Why not take the data directly from openwrt ->luci ->Network ->DHCP and DNS ?

I think sometimes it would be better to not “Reinvent the Wheel” and to stay closer

with OpenWRT.

Definitely dhcp clients does not work well in this scenario. That is not what we wanted.

Some solutions here:

Thank you. I tried some of the actions described but none work until I just edited the files to remove almost everything from them. Then after a reboot it worked. I don’t need to remove these dead clients often.

In firmware 3.203 you can just remove offline clients from the UI.