Renaming flash card

I’ve set up file sharing on my E750. When browsing, it’s listed as “/mnt/Basic data partition”. Is it safe to rename it to something simpler like “/mnt/flash” without breaking anything? Thanks

It should be OK.

You need to change /etc/config/samba to change the name for sharing.

If you want to change the mounting point, you may need to umount and mount again manually.

The router takes the label of your volume. So it is easier that you can just change your volume label to something like “flash”. Doing it in your pc is easy.

thanks. I pulled the card and tried renaming it under Windows. Funny thing is that it labeled as “Mudi” and formatted as NTFS, but on GL UI, it shows “Basic data partition”. I tried renaming it under Windows and it still shows the same name.

I tried rename it in SSH CLI and WinSCP and both won’t let me rename it since it says that it’s being used. I stopped Samba service, but I still can’t rename. Under the GL UI, the Applications/File Sharing tab, “Share via LAN” is checked on and greyed out. It won’t let met switch it off. Is there something I can try?