Repeater mode in multi ap area (same SSID)

I have here a AR300M with firmware 3.024. At my location, there are multiple access points which send out the same SSID. The problem is that my AR300M does not always connect to the AP which is in my room.
It wouldnt be a big problem if the AR connects to a AP with a weaker signal, but it seems these AP are not the most stable ones. So they have to be rebootet at least once a day.
So when i reboot my AP the AR300M connects to the AP from the neighbour which also works faulty and have to be rebootet.

Is there a way to bind the AR300M to a specific AP when they all have the same SSID?
The scan only shows me SSID’s but no specific AP.

In the case of multiple ssids, the selection is based on signal quality, and there is no way to bind temporarily