Repeater mode question

I’m a newbie that just purchased a Beryl GL-MT1300 which I intend to use as a travel device. I have one quick question regarding the use of repeater mode.

If I successfully log on to the wireless in an hotel with my iPhone or computer, it usually requires me to go to a web page to authenticate one last time. If I choose repeater mode on the Beryl, and enter the username and password for the wireless network in my room, how will I handle the web page portion that requires me to press or click a “connect” button.

Many thanks for the help!

In theory, you can receive the GL-Inet Router in your hotel room. Unpack it, connect your Laptop or (i)Phone with the credentials on the bottom and answer some questions to reach the Admin page.

At the Admin Page you connect to the Hotel WLAN or Hotel LAN.
Your device (Laptop or phone) want to go to the Internet, the request Goa’s to the GL-Inet router. It will send the request to the Hotel router. This one will ask for ‘Connect’, but as the router can’t process the request, it will be handed to the initial asking device … Just click on your Laptop or Phone the connect button.

In fact I am not sure if this is called ‘repeater mode’. But this is the default behaviour.
But be aware some hotels detect this and won’t let you access over your own router with multiple devices.

Hey, @bocaboy2591
did you mean this?

Thanks so much for the information. I’ll give it a try on my next trip!