Repeater on mt3000

Hi i have both mt1300 and now the mt3000

I have a WiFi spot that i have been using on my mt1300 that requires both a user name and password

This SSID will not show up at all when searching on the mt3000.

Does the firmware on the 3000 not support this type of security?


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“this router doesnt support repeat networks that use eap”

I noticed this info message on the mt3000
This message is not on the mt1300

I’m suspecting that is why my mt3000 cannot see this network i am attempting to connect.

i am far from smart at the different security options for WiFi Any thoughts appreciated.


It looks like eap is not supported on the mt3000

My mt1300 has beta firmware and seems to support eap. Does that mean that the mt3000 might gain this as well?

What channel are you using? Anything above 11 is a no-no. I tried and it caused all kinds of buggery…

Otherwise for security… I only have the regular wpa stuff so I can’t check if I wanted to. I just bought a 3000 and it’s a beast!

MT1300 does not support in firmware 3.x. But in firmware 4.x it is changed to open source wifi driver which support EAP.

MT3000 is using private wifi driver and does not support EAP.

This is someone else’s network I’m trying to connect the mt3000.

The places WiFi looks like wpa2 enterprise on channel 149

Hmm I’m using firmware 4.4.5 on mt3000 Is there a beta or something that supports EAP?

My mt1300 is on a beta 4.x so might explain it’s ability to connect to this network?


Somewhere in luci you can set the WiFi region. I have a feeling the router is seeing that channel as restricted in your area? Try changing the region of the WiFi that is compatible with the channel… It’s a 5ghz dfs channel. If that’s not the issue then it has to be the security.

Are you thinking changing region from US to another country? I’m thinking it must be the security donto the mt1300 picking it up and not the 3000

MT3000, with firmware 4.x does not support EAP as it is still using MTK’s private wifi driver.