Replacement PSU UK 'clip-on' pin adapter needed - where to buy/swap?

Hi All

I own 3x GL.iNet routers (2x B1300s and 1x A1300), I’ve had an accident with one of the B1300 router PSUs where the UK ‘clip-on’ pin adapter has been broken.

The PSU is working fine if I test it with one of the other ‘clip-on’ pin adapters from one of the other two router PSUs, so really all I need is to try and get/buy a replacement UK ‘clip-on’ pin adapter - but they don’t seem to be available ANYWHERE?

The GL.iNet global store has another PSU for only $4.99 which looks great but the only shipping option costs $25(!)

I’ve tried to reach out to customer support to see if there’s any other options available but had zero response as yet - not really expecting much to be honest, as I’m expecting them to say it’s not sold separately and they can’t offer any other shipping options from their global store.

I’ve even searched Amazon, eBay and AliExpress to try and find the ‘clip-on’ part or another PSU - but can’t find any…

So I was thinking many of the PSUs in the GL.iNet router boxes come with multiple country ‘clip-on’ adapter sections, would anyone have an unused white UK ‘clip-on’ pin adapter part that they’d be willing to offer and post to a UK address?

Yes I admit, that’s a bit of a cheeky request, but if it’s not being used and just sitting in the box you could really help me out.

I also have I think both white EU or US ‘clip-on’ pin adapter parts, which I’d be happy to swap in exchange. Due to logistics and postage I’d hope to be able to swap with someone close to the UK…


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I’ve since had a reply from customer services stating the GL-B1300 is ‘end-of-life’ fair enough I suppose.

But, they completely missed the point that this ‘clip-on’ country specific conversation piece which is designed for the psu, is completely and exactly the same that is used on the GL-A1300.

Yes, both router ends are different (barrel vs usb-c) but the mains inlet section is the same engineered clip and twist on country specific section.

Instead of being forced to pay $25 for global shipping of a $4.99 replacement psu, I’ve found a couple of alternatives: -

A. The GL-A1300 which has a usb-c termination can be successfully powered by a RaspberryPi 4B usb-c psu, then it’s original psu ‘clip-on’ UK part can be used on the GL-B1300 original psu. The RPi4B psu’s are readily available virtually anywhere in the world without extremely high shipping costs.

B. The Netgear GS308 switch uses the same size barrel connect and outputs a compatible voltage/current and successfully powers the GL-B1300.

Reading this, you may think why am I bothering to mention the above - well as a warning to others that only full replacement psu’s are available from GL-iNet and if you need it from their global store you have to add on $25 for the privilege… even if it’s just this part that’s faulty.

It’s good they are starting to standardise on usb-c.

One image tells more than hundreds of words.

You don’t have that UK plug or broken?

Hi sorry it seems really hard for people to understand my post(?).

The power supply is 100% operational - it’s the ‘click on and turn to lock’ country specific part that has been broken i.e. the plastic face plate with the UK 3-pin mains connection that interferes between the bare terminals on the power supply and the mains socket. Of the 3x routers I have, I’ve also got the EU and US versions of this power supply face plate.

If as stated previously I removed the other GL-B1300 power supply or GL-A1300 power supply ‘click on and turn to lock’ bare terminals to UK 3-pin mains plug connector face plate - everything is well in the world and the router is powered and working.

My original point is that to obtain another face plate I could buy another $4.99 power supply unit BUT it costs $25 to ship.

My additional points were to clarify that although the GL-B1300 is classed as ‘end-of-life’, the GL-A1300 and other GL-iNet routers use exactly the same interchangeable country specific face plate mechanism… as well as generally shipping with multiple country specific face plate options in the same box.

I don’t know what size barrel jack the B1300 has but I’d go down the route of buying a USB C Gan PD power/charger (they are cheap for the power you need to run a router), a USB C lead and a 12V PD barrel jack plug (see attached image).
I run my GL routers (Spitz and Puli) using this method and it works a treat. For you info, I also run my satellite receiver with a similar set-up.
Feel free to PM me if you need help (eg. finding the barrel adapter or Gan charger).

EDIT: Looks like the barrel jack is a 5521, easy to find (unlike the one that works on the Spitz!)


Hi Phil
I have just bought 2 routers to create a VPN to home to allow me to access UK TV abroad!
I use the UK ‘clip on’ in the UK and will be using the euro clip on for travelling so I have a spare UK clip on if you would like me to send it to you!

Best regards


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Hi @Millennium/Richard thanks for your reply and offer, that would be so good if you would be prepared to do that.

Being new to this forum I’m not sure how I can pm you my UK address?

Hi @Happi that’s an option that would also need yet another psu to be purchased, it’s a solution I’ll remember for maybe future use thanks.


You are correct but depending on how many USB slots it has, you can power several devices off the same charger (I do my laptop, and two phones off of one of mine).

I am also new to the forum! Not sure how to PM either! If you can try to contact me [removed contact details for security]. I have just been given the ability to PM so I will try to contact you Phil!!

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Hahaha OK will do.


Hi Richard you’ve been too quick I was waiting to finish work before sending the email and now it’s gone hahaha.

If you post a reply with it again I’ll screenshot it haha

Edit: Sorry just property read your post, understand, not to worry, I’ve got your email from your post email in my inbox - I’ll send you an email ;o)

Hi Phil
I have been told I can now PM but can’t see how to do it!!

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Sorted it Richard, you should be receiving an email.

Once again thank you.


@alzhao just for completeness and removal of any doubt, in this photo of your latest GL.iNet GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX), you can see the power supply country specific ‘click-on-and-twist-to-lock’ pin adapter face plates in the bottom right of the box.

Thanks to @Millennium this request has now been resolved, cheers Richard :wink: