Resetting/flashing NOR from NAND on GL-AR300M


I’ve been using the NOR flash on my GL-AR300M to use stock LEDE (using the fw_setenv bootcount 3 method), but due to a misconfiguration I locked myself out.

Resetting however seems to only reset the NAND flash. Accessing the u-boot web UI only allows me to flash the NAND flash too.

  • Can I reset or flash the NOR after booting in the NAND flash?
  • Can I update u-boot to a later version that allows me to flash both the NOR and the NAND?
  • While I'm at it, any chance of upstreaming the NAND features to LEDE/OpenWRT? I'd like to run the latest/clean version.
Thank you,

– M



If you mess up with uboot env, then please try to correct in the nand firmware, using fw_printenv fw_setenv

Only if you have a tty connector, you can change uboot. But as you cannot enter uboot, you have to find a way to enter uboot now. Try above method.

We have LEDE version of the nand firmware GL.iNet download center, find LEDE for AR300MD. It work in AR300M

Okay, where can I find the latest uboot image? The one allowing the use of the switch to choose between the NOR and the NAND?

Thank you

Check this.

Great! Thank you :slight_smile: