Restore AR750s, accidentilly flashed lucy only version

I flashed a version from the GL inet site that was lucy only. And now I can not get my AR750s back to how it was originally with the GL Inet login. Is there any way of getting this back?

Even when i flash the latest firmware off the site it always goes straight to lucy.

What I am trying to achieve is to connect to my VPN with PPTP. I cannot use anything but PPTP or L2TP to bypass my companies strict firewall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Follow the debrick guide:

And make sure you clear your browser cache after :slight_smile:

Much appreciated. All fixed

Do you know why the graphic setup on this router does not give you the options for pptp and L2pt, for my VPN?

Unfortunately wireguard and openvpn do not get out of my companies strict firewall. But pptp and l2pt do. Only thing is this router makes setting these up not easy

Thnaks again for helping with the unbrick