Restore default firmware for AR-150

I made an installation of modified firmware from Security Addicted:

And I got the Wifi Pineapple Nano clone from your AR-150.
Now I want to get back a default firmware from gl-inet but there is no web form for installation firmware from file and no Uboot. What can I do in that case?

Please refer to Debrick via Uboot.

He said that there was no uboot. If he can’t access the uboot he will need to flash uboot again via uart.

No uboot? If there isn’t uboot, I think it can’t boot at all.

Uboot with web disabled or corrupted…

There is no Uboot utility in WiFi Pineapple firmware. Router boot normal, have access to ssh.

So you can try it?

uboot is not in the firmware. Uboot is not touched when you change another firmware.

Actually the firmware can write and replace the uboot partition :slight_smile:

So if the pineapple firmwmare has removed or replaced uboot, it might not have the web UI enabled.

Technically that can be done.

But why should it do that? Securing itself?

It could be to protect itself or it could also require some specific board initialization?

We don’t really know if it has altered the uboot or if uboot just corrupted for some reason, or the OP is doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Debrick method work for me.