[RFT] GL.iNet AR300M with Paragon NAND Chip

I’m in the process of porting the AR750S to the ath79 target with SPI-NAND support now available on Linux 4.19. I’d like to continue with the AR300M, but don’t have a device with NAND, in particular the Paragon NAND that I understand shipped with certain production units.

If you have an AR300M with the Paragon SPI NAND that you would be able to assist me in testing development of an upstream-supported driver, please also let me know. Testers with GigaDevice SPI NAND will also be helpful.

From looking at the GL.iNet source, I would expect to see dmesg on an OEM or image built from their sources to display a line containing

spi-nand: Paragon SPI NAND was found.

These are probably older-production units.

You should be comfortable with flashing images through the device’s U-Boot. At least current-generation devices provide this capability over HTTP, without opening the case or a serial connection being required.

I will check in my side if I have such nand.

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On my desk I have two GD device. I will look further if I have Paragon device.

You can send me your firmware so that I can have a try.

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