Route all traffic through wireguard client

Hey guys,

I have a helium miner which is connected to my LAN port of the mt300n. In addition I set up a wireguard client on that router, however it seems like my helium miner isn’t using the public IP address of my wireguard server.

I am wondering between the option in VPN Policies which is call “Use VPN for all processes onthe route” and the Internet Kill Switch option.

So in any case I want only the VPN connection to be used for my helium miner. Should I use Internet Kill Switch or VPN Policies?

You should use mac based policy and use vpn only for the Minor.

But for Helium, the most important is to do the portforward via the vpn to the lan. You didn’t mention this part.

Thank you.

My port forwarding is working, verified via telnet :slight_smile:
thats the weird part, I can see that the port is open but my miner had issues establishing a direct connection and also the helium app was displaying the WAN IP of my router which is in front of the GL inet.

You should port forward 44158. Do it for both udp and tcp.