Route all VPN traffic out on a specific LAN port

Router: GL-AX1800

I’d like to connect all the vpn server traffic so that it routes out to a specific LAN port on the router.

Is this possible?

Sorry I cannot understand what you mean. Can you describe in another way?

  • GL-AX1800 would act as VPN (wireguard) server
  • Clients in the WAN would connect to GL-AX1800 through the wireguard VPN, using a public ip / dyndns.
  • The clients’ traffic would be routed by the GL-AX1800 so that it all goes out through a specific LAN / RJ45 port (it would not go out to the WAN)
  • All traffic incoming through the RJ45 port should be routed out to the clients through the VPN.

Does it make sense?

So you want to set up some Site-to-Site network, so that the devices in the vpn client and local LAN can talk to each other.

You may not route all the traffic, but only need the device at each side can talk to other device via IP address.

One way to try is enalbe this option “Allow Remote Access LAN” in the vpn server.

Another way is to use Tailscale.