Route Internet Traffic through Wireguard VPN

I have placed a GL-MT300N-V2-0b9 (running 3.212) at a remote site. It is configured as a WireGuard server. The WAN port of GL is connected to the LAN port of the local cable modem. I have configured port forwarding on the cable modem and I’m able to connect from my laptop to the GL over Wireguard.

What I want to do, is now access the regular internet, over Wireguard, through the remote site.

Any advice how I can do this?

It is hard to say without any information.

I can imagine two reasons:

  1. You’ve forwarded TCP instead of UDP.
  2. Your ISP doesn’t allow outside connections (it is the case f.ex with ‘DSL Lite’, a German try to avoid costs)

It could be helpful to take a look if the port is open. Try with a external PC:
sudo nmap -sU [ip or hostname of your wg server] -p51820-51821

It is a linux command. The port range is just to verify that the second port is closed and the first is open. If both has the same state, the issue is different.
For windows you could use the Program PortQry (from Microsoft).

Hello and thank you for the reply.

I’m able to make the connection to the GL box through Wireguard without trouble. I get the correct internal IP address without trouble.

But no traffic passes to the internet,.

From what you said, you should just be able to access Internet when you connect the wireguard. Nothing special need to be done.

But I am not what other details that is not taken into attention.

Can you give the IP or each nodes, e.g. your cable modem, MT300N-V2 router and you client device?

I gave up on wireguard and switch to OpenVPN. Even using the same port as Wireguard, it worked right away.

OK. Maybe just DNS or split IP making trouble.