Router error

I am new to gl.inet. I have had the GL-MT300N-V2 router for about 2 weeks. It has been working fine no issues but now all of a sudden today tells me it is not connected to the internet. WAN is connected fine and all other devices in the house are connected as usual with no issues.
For information, My ISP is BT who previously were blocking my IPTV service hence I purchased the router and a windscribe subscription.
Any help would be much appreciated.

  1. What tells you this? Screen shot?
  2. No issues? They get internet then?
  1. When I try to connect my phone to the router it says no internet connection on my wifi connections.
  2. All other devices connect to the net fine via wifi connection to my bt hub. All devices tell me inet router has no internet connection

My inet router is hard wired to BT hub

Could you please take a screenshot of Internet Status on admin web page?