Router finds SSID and connects but Repeater is not changed

I have a mango router. I set up as a router at home and everything worked fine.

I am now travelling. The only config change I need is to make is to connect to the hotel wifi which is open.

Internet → Repeater - Scan

Mango finds the SSID and I join. I receive a SUCCESS message.

I am then returned to the INTERNET page and Repeater is not changed.
Still disabled/not configured and tells me to Scan for a network.

I have done this a few times.

What is going wrong here. This should work.

The success message simply means that the WiFi settings have been applied to the router. It does not mean that the connection was successful.
It sounds like the connection was not successful. The old Web is missing a clear prompt for a failed connection and will show disabled when the connection fails.
Please check your SSID and password.

This is a small thing, but I have often stumbled over the “SUCCESS!” message. I think it would be better to say “ACCEPTED!” or “APPLIED” As you say, it doesn’t mean that the action the user has submitted was successful, merely that the setting was applied.

There are three specific aspects to this particular function. First, if you are connected wirelessly to the router, invoking the repeater function completely resets the wireless function, because it has to shift channels to what is being repeated. When the connection breaks at the start of the reset, your laptop may switch to another AP. You may have to switch back. Second, particularly on the Mango, it takes some time for the wireless function to reset completely. You might need to wait 30 or 40 seconds for the reset to occur, when the web page shifts from looking like nothing happened, to showing the green connection. Third, you might need to refresh your browser.

The SSID is correct. The wifi is open so there is no password. I can connect with multiple other devices with no issue. This is a mango issue. How do I diagnose/resolve?

Can you check the logs?

What hotel? Can you specify?

Some hotels are terrible for routers to connect