Router has Internet connection but clients do not


I have a GL-MT3000 which is running Firmware 4.5.0 (Release 8) which is the latest available firmware via the UI.

I’m using the Repeater mode to connect the Router to a Guest network. This Guest network is managed by me, so I’m able to login to the router and verify that the GL-MT3000 is getting an IP address from the router.

On the GL-MT3000, the Internet page shows that it is able to connect to the Internet. I can also verify this by going to LuCI → Network -.> Diagnostics, and testing IPv4 Ping / nslookup etc. I have switched off all VPN services and Tailscale is also switched off.

However, when I connect any client device to the GL-MT3000 the client devices do not have any internet access. DNS Lookups fail and pinging an IP address such as also fails.

Does anybody have any ideas how I should debug this further?

Screenshots to show the issue:

GL-MT3000 tethered via iPhone:

GL-MT3000 able to ping IP addresses: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Client Info:

Client info:

Client Ping failure:

I eventually factory reset the MT3000 and started over. After the factory reset, the issue I was seeing with clients not able to connect to the Internet etc. went away.

Not entirely sure what triggered the issue in the first place, but I will continue to monitor and hopefully the issue does not crop up again.