Router mode

Without using Drop in Gateway. I want to operate the GL-AXT1800 so I can connect clients I wish without making any changes to my main router.

At the moment I have it hooked up as follows…

Netgear Nighthawk(R) X4S R7800 as main router. I have the GL-AXT1800 set to Router.
Into GL-AXT1800 WAN port gives an IP of I have set this as static to stop any IP changes.
My Netgear Nighthawk(R) X4S R7800 is handling all main DHCP allocations / static sets.

My question is based around this… Ethernet only (not wifi)
Without connecting any clients to the GL-AXT1800’s LAN ports. Can I configure clients to pass through the Netgear Nighthawk(R) X4S R7800 LAN to the GL-AXT1800 WAN and be given an IP from the GL-AXT1800’s 192.168.8.* range?

I’ve tried manually setting IP4 as…
Client IP: (an ip address that was not in use and not reserved)

Would not work. I sort of get that because the above is being passed into the WAN that the GL-AXT1800 WAN is not doing what I am trying to achieve but is this something I can do?

Without much voodoo: No.