Routing to internal static IPs

AR750S with 2 lan plugs.

  • AR750S: ip (in a separate section of the apartment)
  • wired in the AR750S: old raspberry pi: static:
  • wired in the AR750s: hp printer: static:
  • no openvpn

How to do I setup the AR750S so that 3 other computers (1 desktop + 2 laptops) : 192.168.1.x/24 can access the 192.168.8.x network?


Can you just do port forwarding?

I thought of that after I posted the question.

BTW, there are 39 ports to port forward according to hp: HP Jetdirect Print Servers - HP Jetdirect Port Numbers for TCP/IP (UDP) Connections | HP® Customer Support

I’ll have to try on an incremental basis…


Should not be so many ports. HP list all common port for Linux.

You can just use DMZ to forward all ports?

I’m trying to avoid opening all the ports. I got the AR750S for security.

I’m still experimenting but it looks like I have most functionality that I need with (cups: 631 and jetdirect: 9100). No SNMP nor printer management but I can live with that.


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