Run homebridge server on MT300

Hi is there a way to run a homebridge server, would be great if I can run this on my MT300 ?

Have you tried SSH’ing into the box and just installing it from the command line?

I’m interested in doing the same with an AR300M, but I haven’t attempted anything yet.

Don’t do this in MT300N or MT300A.

Only try this in AR300M.

The reason is: in AR300M there is a 128MB nand flash and in the repository there is newest nodejs v6.9.1. To use homebridge you have to install nodejs first. I have no idea if this will works, but only AR300M is preferred for nodejs applications. For all other routers you need an extra USB disk if you want to install big applications as nodejs.

Great, thanks for the advice @alzhao - could you please let me know how to contact you directly to discuss this and REST api?

drop me an email alzhao at gl-inet dot com

REST api will not be available recently.