S1300 forgets Wifi Configuration upon Reset?

I have the S1300 and have followed the following…

When I change the name of the wifi network to something else, it works okay, but as soon as I disconnect the router and plug it back into the wall, it resets to factory settings… how do I get around this? Is this a defect to my product?

Maybe you had pressed mesh button by mistake? Could you please confirm it?

What’s your firmware version? Execept for setting wifi ssid, have you do other setting, or intalled some pacakge?

Firmware version is the default that came with it out of the box 3.023 compiled on 2019-05-23.

I only changed WiFi SSID and password first for 2.4ghz and password (using hit Modify, then Save). Router disconnects and restarts.

I then connect to the new SSID, then modified the SSID for the the 5Ghz (using hit Modify, then Save).

After a day or so… all I did was just unplugged power adapter from wall. Then replugged in.

When I do that, all the settings reset to factory and it asks me to define admin password, etc.

I redefined everything using the same process above and it works fine… but then I unplugged the power adapter from the outlet and replugged in, and it forgets all the settings and auto-resets back to factory settings again.

Would you please upload the log of command:


after boot and make wireless setting?

How do I enter commands into the router? Is this something I can access through admin control panel? If not, please provide step by step instructions what I need to do.

No, like I said. I just unplugged power cable and replugged it in. No buttons were hit. Just recently, there was a power outage and the router settings reset back to factory default. This is a very troubling problem, please help.

You need to ssh to the router and enter the command。
Router use SSH: