S1300 using extroot

Hi Everyone.

I’ve installed a clean openwrt instance on my convexa S 1300. I keep having to unbrick the device whilst setting up extroot.

I want to use the full 6GB partition on the emmc as the root dir. I’ve followed the openwrt extroot configuration numerous times and it just doesn’t work on this device. Is there a script I can use to set it up? Or does anyone know how to do it on this box?


How did you flash vanila openwrt to the router?

I asked @hansome to help.

I created a custom firmware using the openwrt image builder and flashed it using uboot. I made sure to flash the factory to openwrt firmware first.

It does work but ideally flashing the image would also allow me to use the 6GB partition as the main one. Not sure if that is possible though! thanks

Can you provide the URL to the OpenWRT extroot configuration procedure that you used?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Please check this link for reference.
Openwrt doc for extroot work okay tested by openwrt 21.02.3 using s1300. Could you show more of you setup, maybe a bootlog.

I restored using http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/s1300/for_vanilla_openwrt/ and the partitions have changed which is great. The problem I now have is when i flash s1300-factory-to-openwrt.img and then my custom image, it no longer works. My custom image is above openwrt v22 and I noticed in the txt file it said:
For openwrt 22 above version, the overlay is the same media as factory firmware, firstboot is needed to prevent overlay files inconsistency.

Do you know what I need to do to prevent the file inconsistency? is this why my device will no longer boot? thanks

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Maybe this: when your custome firmware firsttime boot and mout overlay filesystem, if it finds hostname is GL-S1300 which is a sigature of factory firmare, then execute ‘firstboot -y’ to remove overlay old files.

Very likely.

OK I think I understand, Thank You.
I think I have been building firmware incorrectly previously and just getting lucky that it works.

The factory firmware works fine now and I can upgrade that.

Do you happen to know what I need to do in order to build a custom openwrt for the S1300? it seems odd that it used to work and no longer does. Thanks

As I tested snapshot vanilla openwrt, so I guess you encouter the same issue. If you have further issue, please let me know.