Samba failing to start GL-AR750S

Hi all

I found under temp all these smbd files. I am told that these “smbd.*.core” files mean that samba is failing to start, and failing badly
Can you give me a hand?
What can I do?

root@GL-AR750S:/tmp# ls
TZ lib smbd.1542302881.15825.6.core
api.socket-0 lock run smbd.1542302882.15920.6.core
dhcp.leases log shm smbd.1542318584.22105.6.core
dnsmasq.d luci-indexcache smbd.1542299981.1956.6.core state
etc luci-modulecache smbd.1542299986.2371.6.core sysinfo
extroot nmbd smbd.1542299989.2469.6.core tmp
hosts overlay smbd.1542299991.2765.6.core wpa_ctrl_2666-1
html.socket-0 resolv.conf smbd.1542301878.7020.6.core

Which firmware version do you use? I don’t see those files in /tmp folder. What did you do?