Samba / Filesharing?


I just wanted to know ask a couple of quick questions about Samba on GLI:

  • Does it only support certain storage formats?

  • Is there a capacity limit (for example would a 1 or 2tb drive work so long as I provided an external power source)?

  • Also, has anyone tried Samba with Plex in an NAS style set-up?

Thanks in advance!

It support vfat, rtfs, ext4 format.

Yes, if you connect external power source for the hard disk. If you use pen drive, no external power source will be used.

I haven’t tried Samba with Plex.

Is that why I’m getting terrible performance over samba then? Constant buffering even in low bitrate videos. (EDIT: anything up to 7Mbps is ok)

The GLI MT300 takes 5v 1a for power, but it only uses 2w which is about 400ma.

That leaves 500ma (conservative) for powering an external drive. USB 2 ports on a computer never output more than this.

In which case why does the drive need an external power source?