Save OpenVPN and Wireguard settings before upgrade

The docs for an upgrade mention this:

Note: It is suggested to uncheck Keep setting . If you keep the settings and encounter problems after the upgrade, please reset the router.

I’m guessing that means I will lose my OpenVPN and Wireguard VPN configurations if I uncheck.

What files do I need to save to enable these to be restored and would those files have to be exported off the device first or is there a directory I can store them in that will survive across the upgrade.

This is for an MT300N-V2.


Another solution is to save your VPN configs on app, on your phone, try the app

K, I’m willing to try the app, but would still like some instructions to ensure I have a copy of both the configurations before I try a beta app. :laughing: Nothing personal. :grinning:


The wireguard server files are stored in:


Not sure where the OpenVPN files are stored, check in the /etc/config/ folder tree.

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Openvpn is /etc/config/ovpnclients and /etc/openvpn

This is the only screen I see regarding VPNs. It doesn’t show my OpenVPN, nor does it show any way to save the configurations.

Thank you both. Exactly what I was looking for.

Now the only outstanding question is if I am able to save those files anywhere on the device itself, that won’t be overwritten by an upgrade.


You can’t save them on the device, you will just have to paste them in after doing the upgrade :slight_smile:

I have a large script i run after upgrade that sets all my settings for me and reboots.

I’m trying the ios version of the app but there is not any section about VPN…

In app, it can not copy the profiles from router to app. Please click the “New Profile” button to add new profile, those profiles will save on app.

Control a local device → setting → VPN