Saving energy

Is there an SSH to turn off Ethernet?
I’m using MT300 and AR300M Lite as repeaters only.
Just want them energy efficient on a solar system.

Same for the LEDs. They are annoying in the dark

For saving energy and improve the speed and the security, you can disable all not used services.

  • I hope on future firmware versiones, not used services will not running…

A after your next firmware update, all your disabled services are running again.

  • I hope that will be fixed on future firmware versiones too.

See discussion about the same on follow Link:

I am very new to this, so a bit unsure which services are save to turn off in my case. :thinking:
My assumption would be that turning the service off is not necessarily the same as to stop powering the Ethernet, right (energy consumption wise)?

In generell you can deactivate what you dont need. Par example:

  • WiFi on 2.4 GHz, on admin menue
  • Wifi on 5GHz, on admin menue
  • some services, on advanced admin menue
  • not used WAN an LAN Ethernet ports, on advanced admin menue

If you are new on glinet routers, it can be you disable only one or both of follow:

  • WiFi on 2.4 GHz, on admin menue
  • Wifi on 5GHz, on admin menue

PS. The power consum and possible saving of 5GHz Wifi is higher than on 2.4GHz

It can be the follow router have the lowest power consum by default depend on Hardware:

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Thanks. It seems that worked.

Disabling “led” at least stopped the blinking.
The power LED is still on but that’s okay.
Too many processes that I don’t understand. So I better not touch many more

  • Disabling processes=services=damon are realy not best first step if you are more a beginner. It can be, the unused one, will be disabled in future by better firmware versions of gliinet firmware. I hope it.

Tried a wall power meter before 5V power supply. The difference in power consumption is so small that I can barely confirm it exists at all.
Another interesting find is when I SSH “poweroff” to my AR300M and NT300N-V2 the consumption only drops a little. They still consume power even though it looks like they are off!

As long as the Ethernet component is connected, it consumes power. Actually they do not consume a lot.

Wi-Fi is the one use a lot of power. So for your scenario, it is difficult to save power.

Ok, thank you. Power consumption is small already. Just want the optimum lowest performance.