Schedule reset each evening

How do I script reset each evening, and auto connect all USB or ethernet tether? I am using this script:

  # /etc/init.d/cron enable
  # nano /etc/crontabs/root
        00 01 * * * reboot
  # /etc/init.d/cron restart

I can’t confirm if it works

You’ll potentially run into boot loops with this, as time can go backwards at boot with a device without a “battery” RTC.

My first suggestion is that “reboot” is a sledgehammer. Finding and resolving the reason you think you need to reboot is preferable. Restarting the single service that is problematic, when it is problematic, is a better fall-back.

If you truly need to reboot the router (and I don’t think you do, mine run for months on end, usually until the next power-utility outage or I upgrade them), see


hi how do I move scripts from my PC to the root of the router?

scp is the common way to copy files over SSH. Here’s one reference on using scp on Windows (I can’t comment on options, as I don’t run Windows)