Second LAN on the WAN1 port - Flint2

I’ve an ONT device on WAN port and I need to connect by Telnet to its IP address (
I 've a PPPoE protocol on WAN1 .
My local DHCP ln is
I think I need to create a second lan on the wan port and route the the telnet access from a local network IP (computer 192.168.1.x) to .

Please could you help me to do that ?


Does your ONT have multiple ports or just the one that is connected to your Flint 2?

only one ethernet connected to Flint2 wan1

Second router use lan1 port and will auto dhcp from first router.

no, this is not my physical configuration. I’ve only the WAN occupied by ONT .

I think you can try an alias on this interface (static IP). Additional a static route to the ONT IP via the alias interface i guess.

It should be configurable via Luci.

I did the same with my RPi4 so that i was able to use the single LAN Port also as a WAN port.

I’ve simply made a new interface on Eth01 with static address and firewall rule enabled