Seeking Assistance with PFsense and GL.iNet Connectivity Issues

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been grappling with a challenging setup and despite my best efforts, I’m only seeing partial success. My home network is built around a PFsense router, and for travel purposes, I’m incorporating a GL.iNet router into my setup. Additionally, I’m running a microserver on the GL.iNet. My goal is to ensure seamless access between my home network (PFsense) and the remote microserver connected through the GL.iNet, regardless of my location.

Here’s what I’ve attempted so far:

  1. Site-to-Site VPN: This approach proved too complex and ultimately unsuccessful.
  2. PFsense as an OpenVPN Server and GL.iNet as an OpenVPN Client: This setup allows devices connected to the GL.iNet to interact with those connected to the PFsense. However, the reverse - devices on the PFsense network connecting to those on the GL.iNet - does not work.
  3. GL.iNet to GL.iNet using GoodCloud for Site-to-Site VPN: This method has shown the most promise. I can successfully connect from the remote site to my main site. When directly connected to the GL.iNet at my main site, I can also establish a connection to the remote site. However, the connection fails when I attempt to connect from a computer that is linked to the switch (to which the home site’s GL.iNet is also connected) but not directly to the GL.iNet itself.

It seems I’m close to a functional setup but missing a crucial step or configuration. Has anyone faced a similar challenge or can offer insights into what I might be doing wrong? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this setup.

Thank you in advance for your help and expertise.

I use a pfSense router as my primary router and have openvpn server running on it, so I might be able to experiment. What gl-inet router are you using? I don’t trust dependence on a third party service like GoodCloud, but I could try #2 on your list. I think routing traffic from pfSense LAN to gl.inet would be a matter of configuring static routes or NAT, just as a guess. Or maybe not an elegant solution, but configuring another server and client for the traffic originating from the other side.

I currently also have a S2S IpSec running continuously between 2 pfSense routers for the past 3 years that lets each location access the other and vice-versa, so I think it should be possible. Openwrt and pfSense have roughly comparable capabilities.