Send sms with web panel

I try to send a sms with the web console

All it’s fine to send and receive with « normal » number like +33612345678
But to recharche my sim card prepaid I need to send the code to the number « 952 »
It’s ok if I do this with my phone but when I try to send to the « 952 » I have an sms return :
the 952 can’t receive the message try later ….

the short number are maybe blocked with my gl-inet puli ?
The sms return seems to be an sms sent by the operator (french sfr) ?


Is the short code USSD-code?

No it’s not an ussd code
to recharche the sim card prepaid you need to send an sms to the 952 number with the code in the body

952 is your carrier number?

Yes it’s only works with this operator.
I think the operator don’t reconize this number when I try with the router.

Which model?
Try sending a text message with the AT command? I will send you the instructions

Model : gl-xe300-43e
last firmware 3.217

I try with AT command (web ui)
but when I send AT+CMGS=952
I have an error :

Thinking of upgrading to 4.0?

how can I do this ?
with the web ui it’s the last upgrad
I need to download and install manualy ?

It’s ok with 4.x firmware

But if I have a caracter like « éè » in the content of the sms I cant see it with web ui interface
I see that it’s ok in the file system in the storage folder sms

Hello, is there an option to change the encoding character of sms ?
A charset convertion ?
Maybe it’s just a web ui problem ? He can’t display the content when I have character like « é » in the sms ?

« éè » displayed « ?? »
Is that right?

No, when there are characters with accent in the text, I can’t visualise all the text in the web interface.
If I delete those characters I can visualise the rest of the sms content.

If I convert le file in storage folder of the router with iconv there are no problem to visualise it:
iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 smsfile

thank you
There should be problems with the code
I'll make up an ipk tomorrow
or you share the device
Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)

gl-sdk4-modem_git-2024.194.31066-d2292cc-1_mips_24kc.tar (236.5 KB)
Upload the ipk to /tmp using winscp

opkg --force-reinstall install gl-sdk4-modem_git-2024.194.31066-d2292cc-1_mips_24kc.ipk

Yes the problem has been successfully for me !
Thank you very mucth for your reactivity