Set up leak free VPN router

I would like to setup a router that is absolutely leak free. So it cant leak my real IP regardless of what I do.
I really mean regardless of what I do lets say I want to torrent or have calls through webrtc or whatever else.

I find conflicting information about this. For example on some youtube videos for setting up the router it is suggested to put in the vpns DNS adresses. Take OVPN they also suggest it in their offical guide Install WireGuard on GL.iNet |

Other vpn providers and also the offical GL.inet website dont suggest that. The Router really cant leak anything of my source IP.

There are so many settings and I would be so glad if anyone could walk me through all the important setps to have a leak free VPN Router with any device.

I don’t know why people always think so complicated. My router isn’t ever leaking nor my PC.

My setup is pretty easy:

  1. IPv4 only
  2. Mullvad VPN via WireGuard
  3. Enable Block Non-VPN Traffic
  4. Using AdGuard Home to forward all my DNS traffic to AdGuard DNS (you can choose whatever you like)
  5. Using a browser like Brave or Vivaldi + some Adblockers just to make sure no weird fingerprinting will be done.

Never encountered any leaks.

Well it aint that easy. Why does Nord for example does not advise you to put in their DNS Settings whille OVPN does?

Also what about things like IP Masquerading. What does that even mean

Because Nord sucks.

If a product is partially sold with discounts that not only allow you to use it free of charge but even generate a profit … you know the score.

But Mullvad also does not advise you to use their dns settings, they dont have a guide about this at all!

Why should they advise it? If you use the App from them, the DNS will be redirected automatically. If you don’t use it, you have to think about it your own.

After the connection is established, all DNS requests will send via VPN anyway - so mostly no need to adjust them.

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Im not talking about the app though I want to use the router

So what exactly is your question about?

Like I said in the first topic I would appreciate a guide of how I set up the router with a vpn provider that leaved no room for any leak of my source ip. Like what ever I do with the router. Webrtc dns Torrent all of it and more needs to be coverd

There you go, this is the tutorial.

Thanks but there are so many settings of the vpn you didnt mention and I really need a comprehansive guide

Because that’s all. You don’t need any other settings.

I would recommend the tor browser without any modifications (Addons, Themes) for best fingerprint pseudonymity.

Because such VPN company’s does not care about user privacy.

Remember that its not always a security benefit to use the DNS Server from your VPN provider. I think you can specify a DNS server in your .openvpn or wireguard configuration files.

If you have done you initial VPN Setup from supported provider or with your own VPN configuration files, can follow the instructions there :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it is far behind usable. It’s good for privacy reasons or if you’re concerned about the gov - but for daily usage… Idk. Free the internet. With the Mullvad Browser. is great as well.