Setting the switch to re-connect to the parent network in repeater mode

I'm using a GL-SFT1200 (Opal) as a repeater, and it frequently gets disconnected from the parent network when I move to another location, so I go to the router settings, click "switch network", and just reconnect manually. I'm guessing it would just reconnect by itself if I gave it enough time, but I'm too impatient. Is there a way to force a reconnect by toggling the switch?

Maybe you can give the firmware version and give me the log before it reconnected.

It is supposed to connect within minutes if these ssids are saved in the router. Otherwise need to improve the program, which we have done and will appear in newer firmware.

Actually, it does connect within minutes and works just like it should, I'm just very impatient. =) That's great that it could be even faster in newer firmware! Thanks!