Setting up VLANs with different SSIDs possible?

Hi everyone! I’m looking into getting the GL-B1300 to replace my aging Asus Router. I’m currently living in a shared apartment and would like to create my own network separate from my house mates. Would it be possible to create 2 VLANs on the B1300 and also create two different SSIDs for wireless that are pointing to those VLANs?

Can’t seem to find any info in the docs about this.

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I think VLAN cannot be done on WIFI SSID, but I have a choice … I have 2 very cheap WIFI Repeaters in AP Mode wired to my AR750 and then each repeater has its own VLAN (configured in Luci / Switch) and SSID (configured in the Repeater), so people can connect on the different SSIDs and LANs and be completely independent from each other.