Setting up WordPress Site on NAS; Port Forwarding between Slate to Beryl


I have a Slate as my main router, plugged into my modem, and a Beryl in my office with I run my home lab from. I am looking to setup DDNS to work with my Domain and publish a WordPress website from my NAS instead of using Google Cloud servers. I am also connected to the main router with two managed switches in between.

I’ve opened port 443 per the DDNS Setup instructions but the DDNS Test still fails saying that either I do not have a Public IP (I do, confirmed with ISP) or I’m behind a NAT.

What am I missing here? Are the external and internal ports both the same? I don’t think there are port forwarding settings on my switches.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Network goes;

Modem → Slate → switch → patch panel → switch → Beryl → NAS.

Everything is hardwired.

Just do your a test in a command prompt (Windows):


where XXXXXXX is your router’s Device ID.

The URL is displayed when you hover over the little “i” circle.

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