Setup DDNS on GL-SFT1200 with No-IP

Hello GL-iNet community!

I want to set up DDNS on the GL-SFT1200 router. There is an “enable DDNS” function, but there seems to be no way to connect to services like No-IP. My goal is to access the router from an external network.

I saw one post saying I need to install luci-app-ddns. Is this possible on my router? And if yes, how can I do that? The GL-Router I use is behind a main router that does not allow port forwarding. Is this an issue? Do I have to use OpenVPN or WireGuard instead?

Thanks in advance!

Hey :wave:

DDNS is one part of the deal but it will not allow you to connect from external without port forwarding.
Since it’s difficult to connect to an device behind another router (which you don’t control) you should use ZeroTier, Tailscale or AstroRelay.

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