Shadow Router Hardware and Software Version for New Purchase

I would like advice on the purchase of the GL-AR300M Series (Shadow) router. I would prefer the version that supports the newer firmware. Looking at the GL.iNET store and Amazon, they both sell the GL-AR300M16 version that is supported with the 3.x series of firmware as compared to the GL-AR300M which supports the 4.x series of firmware. I found this by checking the firmware version at this site GL.iNet download center

Perhaps these models are older because there is no documentation on the v4 documentation web site Overview - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

This is my first post and first GL.iNet purchase and any advice is appreciated. If there is an article summarizing the numbering system related to the firmware, please let me know. I am assuming that the higher version number is more recently maintained and more likely to include improved security and reliability. Thanks,

16mb vs 128mb.

The 4.x is about 20-40mb so it will never fit the 300m16.

You’re better off waiting for the AR300M v2 or v3 with better specs (if a such item exists)

Beta and Snapshot firmware version 4.3.7 for GL-AR300M16 were released in the last few days, with file sizes of approx. 15MB. Stable firmware version may be available shortly.

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Thanks for your reply, I was not certain if the two versions of the Shadow router were still supported with the latest firmware. I had noticed the GL-AR300M had a stable firmware release and it seems that the GL-AR300M16 version will receive updated firmware soon. Thanks,

It’s not worth the upgrade to 4.x with zero space left. The 16mb routers should not be upgraded to 4.x. they need to be sunset.

GL.iNet should strip down the firmware and let users manually install only what they want. For example, OpenVPN client, WireGuard client and VPN server should be removed, so users who want them can install themselves.

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Hello, After some more research, I purchased the Beryl AX, it’s more expensive but has the latest firmware and many features that should last us for several years. Thanks,

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Agreed but again, it’s only 16mb, it should never gotten 4.x since it can’t have most of the new features. I would stay on 3.x and enjoy the router for it’s current potential. It’s only $25-30 dollar router.

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