Shadowsocks China


I have a GL-AR750. I’m trying to set it up to work in China with Shadowsocks. I’m able to connect, but can only visit Chinese website, international websites don’t work. I’ve already installed the ChinaDNS package (does this require any further configuration?). Are there any other packages that I should install, or other things that I should do to make it work?

you can try shadowsocksR, it works better.The packge is luci-app-shadowsocksR

Thanks. Still no success unfortunately. Also tried the shadowsocksR GFW version. Any more tips? Do you know of any commercial Shadowsocks providers that this works with?

I’m able to connect successfully now using both shadowsocks and shadowsocks to a commercial shadowsocks provider, but can still only see Chinese websites. Would you know why that could be the case? Could it be a DNS problem?

I try both ss and ssr but only ssr work on router.
Make sure your configuration correct,and try reboot the router or restart the process when you first time use luci-app-shadowsocksR.