Share local lan VPN between two GLinet300N

Hi all, I have a GLinet in my office which works as a VPN server and then I connect another GLinet 300N to a phone thetering as a VPN client.

Now I would like share lan between the two devices as in the picture.
I’m trying for many days but I never obtain the results as in the picture.
Can someone help me to configure correctly the devices to share the lan?

in particular I write in red text the desire results.
many thanks in advance

Can you ping from GLinet 300N

If yes, you should be able to do it from the vpn client router (

While if you want to ping from your office, you need a S2S solution.

Many thanks

I did s2s as you suggest and I can ping from device but not connecting the the second device with ip and I cannot understand why

actually I would like add in the s2s in goodcloud the ip range but it not accept this format.

Maybe a way to add more ip (respect to or or exist? I have the same problem when i define a lan in the glinet too. for example if i try to modify the lan in the glinet in 70.0.0.x it not accept this IP.