Shipping to USA cost prohibitive


When will you have plastic mounts for the mini routers on amazon again? I was trying to order from your site but a few dollars of plastic was going to cost some $25.00 in shipping alone to the USA.

Hoping you’ll have those on amazon again soon.

It can be you can get it for follow:

  • for the article: 5,96€
  • shipping to the US: 4,03€
  • if its your 1`st order on Aliexpress, it can be you get 2,53 € off

I looked on aliexpress but they are out of stock there too.
Really prefer to order from amazon anyhow, always much safer that anywhere else.

Always ask customer services via email directly cs at

Customer services are not on the forum.

Thank you, I will do that or wait until I see them in the USA again.