Should a silent update from windows 10 to 11 be my concern?

Ok I am using gl inet routers and using all precautions to connect to my convexa in Canada from my beryl in India. I only use laptop to connect to a work VPN using citrix. It has been working well for about 6-7 months now.

My work laptop recently got silently updated from Win 10 to win 11 now. Thru the update laptop was always connected, and after update all radios were off and it was still showing Toronto time.

Everything looks okay, but I want to know if everyone has had a similar experience and how they are doing now? Did they find something new to fine-tune/take care of?

Maybe something changed from windows 10 to 11 radio-wise or connectivity-wise?
The thought of remotely enabling wifi always haunts me, btw. Anyone willing to share info/discuss on this is welcome.

I like to be paranoid in such situations.

Today I’ve asked myself a similar question.

In the past I was consultant and later head of IT. I’ve got my notebook, and installed what I’ve wanted.
Now I am just a administrator. One field of responsibility and no admin access…

Since friday my company VPN isn’t working. The service desk is saying my provider is the reason. So I need to open the VDI via browser instead of VPN and client.

The company is very pro secure. That is the reason why I am got a windows 10 laptop. No local administrator for me… But nobody can say if I am in browser via company laptop or any private Linux system.
In fact I trust my Linux desktop much more than the cheese of Windows with a lot of bullet holes with AV, software distribution, EDR, Monitoring, …

In fact with all my security in my network, I am only limited able to control this device. I need to trust my company.

And this you should do, too. You are responsible for the system or you need to trus the ones who are. You have no control.

Btw some providers disallow VPN entirely as a matter of their policy and security Maybe your provider updated their policy. Have you tried switching provider?

I am very happy with my 600mbit fiber.

I don’t think it is my responsibility. My company has to take care, how they provide me a solution.
I’ve already send a GL.iNet Link to the networking team.

@alzhao, who can I speak to, when I want to provide Wireguard for approx. 700 people in 2023 and max. 3000 in 2024? :wink:

But, do you use VPN with only certain apps? I mean, you have VPN at OS level or router level?

Wait, are you working from the same country that you are supposed to?

It depends.

I have my Wireguard Server at home.

A long time ago I’ve used only Open WLAN, everybody was able to connect, but only VPN (IPSEC this days) was able to connect to the Internet.

Today I have a Wireguard Client on my mobile and on the private Laptop. For backup.
When I’m on the road, my Slate Plus is my Gateway.

If you need to provide connectivity for 700 people, choose something other than WireGuard. Whatever virtues WireGuard has, it is completely unmanagable at scale. There is a reason half a dozen companies have built a business case around turning WireGuard back into IPSec.

Mostly. Not very often from home, but I stay in the same country as I work.

I have had some known problems with this one, this was basically an invitation to leaking information from google.

Okay then you may not be able to imagine what it feels like to be in my shoes :slight_smile: But, thanks so much …

And now we are back to topic … So, how can date leakage can be identified?
There was a thread some weeks ago.

Date leakage? It was more of an location by GPS issue.
I was using google maps using GPS on my phone in my country. And the google algorithms assigned that country to the IP address of another country.

Turns out it was reflecting outside of my google account as well :frowning: Thankfully my IP got changed, and I removed wireguard mobile…
After that everything has been super good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But thanks, I get your point now. That many factors are at work while establishing vpn login.

It’s completely normal to have concerns about updates, especially when it comes to something as important as your VPN connection.

Just wanted to jump and say that the idea of silent updates can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially considering that I prefer Windows 10 and would rather stick with it. It’s always great to have options, especially when it comes to something as essential as your operating system. Speaking of which, if you’re thinking of sticking with Windows 10 or need a key for any reason, I stumbled upon a pretty reliable source to buy a cheap windows 10 key. It’s been a lifesaver for me, and I thought it might be handy for others who feel the same way. Just let me know if you’re interested, and I can share the info.

Okay but most laptops are managed by the organizations, and they control the updates.
But yes for freelancers this could be a good option.